Our Milton, Pennsylvania facility is serviced by the Norfolk Southern railroad and is capable of manufacturing railcars and all related railcar components.
We are able to produce pressure vessels in sizes ranging from 18,000 – 61,000 gwc, to include propane tanks, compressed gas storage, LPG storage, and all related components including heads. This plant covers 48 acres providing 500,000 square feet of covered work area and 7 miles of railroad storage track. Below you will find a summarized list of our plant equipment and shop floor space which provides the versatility to manufacture and fabricate this wide range of components.

 Milton Plant Specs:

Pressure Vessels:
Propane tanks, compressed gases, LPG storage and related components, including heads
Sizes from 18,000 – 61,000 gwc

Crane Handling:
Can facilitate up to 55 tons

Plate Blast:

Plate Burning:
Plasma Arc (1) 1½”x13’x45′ & (1) Oxy-Fuel 4″x10’x25′

Plate Rolling:
(1) 1-1/2″x12′ Wide, (1) ½”x20′ Wide, (1) 1″x48″*

Plate Beveling

Hydraulic Pressing:
(1)-4000 ton Double Action, (1) 1000 ton Double Action, (1) 100 ton Horizontal Press, (3) Press Brake  (Click here to see video.)

Plate Cylinder, Automatic Submerged Arc, Semi-Automatic CO2, Mixed Gases, Solid, Core Wire, Carbon, Stainless and Aluminum

Nondestructive Testing:
Radiographic Examination, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Examination, Dye Penetrant

Stress Relief Furnaces:
(2) 12′ Wide 15′ High 120′ Long

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing:
Up to 600 PSIG

Fabrication Equipment:
Saws, shears, punches, bends to produce plates, bars and shapes

Machining capabilities:
54″ boring, 72″ milling, 20″ swing, lathes, radial arm drilling

Light to Heavy Plate Assembly

Pour in Place Insulation

Product Blast Cleaning to 14′ Wide Steel Grit

Product Painting and Paint Curing to 14′ Wide

*Shipping by Truck or Rail